Getting to work

p1000083I’ve now done my first day of work at MMF, and it couldn’t have been more different to what I’m used to! Most of us were working at a big table in a restaurant overlooking the beach, completely open on the beach side so you can hear the waves and feel the breeze from the ocean, as well as look up from your laptop and see the surf crashing onto the sand and watch surfers, paddle boarders, windsurfers and swimmers out there enjoying themselves. My view in my London office was of an ugly building full of office workers, usually against a backdrop of grey sky.

There is an office, but its really small and quite dark, so it seems that people either work here at the restaurant or at home – assuming the power is up, of course. We had no power in our casa for about 36 hours on Sunday/Monday. I brought a torch with me, which has been a lifesaver. I thought I was getting braver about the bugs, until I nearly walked through a spider’s web this morning and ran screaming back into my room. I then brandished a clothes airer in front of me like a sword to get through the web, and congratulated myself on my bravery and ingenuity.

The commute: I walk down the hundred or so rickety steps from mi casa, stroll about a hundred yards down the sandy track towards the beach and I’m there! This is very exciting to me, used to a lengthy tube/train/bike journey depending on where I was living/working. I love that I can eat outside in the sunshine, that the beach is Right. There. and that people look HAPPY. That was the worst thing about working in London for me, I think, the sheer volume of miserable faces, trudging to work. We spend such a long time at work, it just feels unbearable to me that we spend so long being glum about it! The Sunday blues, that Monday morning feeling, living for the weekend – these phrases have slipped into our vernacular and it made me so sad that people (including me) were wishing their lives away. #preach 


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  1. Vicky MacKenzie says:

    Great blog, Laura! Looking forward to the next instalment: “How I fought a Great White Shark with nothing but a clothes airer and a pineapple Fanta…” Is there a way we can sign up to your blog and automatically get the next instalment (sorry if this is obvs!)?


    1. Hello Confused of Crail, thank you for your comment. If you click FOLLOW in the bottom right hand corner, I think you can just input your email address and you’ll get a notification each time I publish another solid gold post xxx


  2. Vicky MacKenzie says:

    Confused of Crail is now sorted, thanks!

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