About me

Hi! I’ve just quit my job and moved out of a very nice house in east London to spend three months volunteering for a marine conservation charity in Mozambique. That’s in AFRICA. I’ve never been to Africa before. It’s like, way different to England. I have left everything and everyone I know behind

Obviously my job was in Moorgate, and I enjoy a bit of alliteration, hence the title of the blog.

So why did I do this particularly insane thing? Well, probably for the same reasons people have been doing insane things since the dawn of time. I was kind of unhappy and thought a complete change of scene would be a good idea, to let me move on from some stuff. I also wanted an adventure before I got too old and had responsibilities.

From a job that I wasn’t entirely happy with (it involved a few too many spreadsheets and too much office time for my non-spreadsheet talents and tastes) to a personal life that is best described as “up shit creek” (details of which will not be divulged, I think my mum will be reading this), to not being a city girl: I felt like I was drowning in London. It’s such a big, busy city, with so much going on that I felt powerless. My life was racing away from under me, and I had no control over what direction it was racing in.

So I started looking for something that would take me away from the 9-5 office grind. I was sick of seeing miserable faces on the tube, sick of earning just enough money to survive, sick of being surrounded by people but feeling completely alone. I’ve always wanted to go to Africa, so when a job popped up on a website called Escape the City for a digital officer at a marine conservation charity in Mozambique, it felt like the perfect opportunity to put on my brave pants and go for it. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing or how this particular trip will turn out, but it’s got to be better than what I’ve left behind.

This blog will detail my experiences here in Tofo and beyond. If the posts suddenly dry up, it’s because I’ve been eaten by a shark. 

Or that I’m a lazy blogger.